Unity Underground

The Battle of Wolfram

The Revolution Has Begun


That was the number of defender squads. The BTC split themselves between the squads to act as commanders. Each knew their jobs, and their odds of success. But it was now or

Alpha Squad consisted of Loki and a fugee pilot (Rusty) in the Deltawing.
Bravo Squad held Flatline and four fugees (Greg, Jason, Sara, and Chase) in the Chopper.
Charlie Squad was Blackjack and Faze with five fugees (Lara, Kris, Charli, Stephen, and Joe) in the newly acquired APC.
Delta Squad had Oakland and Demi and their fugee kid brigade holding the first housing slum “wall.”
Echo Squad saw D-Rail and Nomme with five more fugees (Trent, Dirk, Jeff, Lars, and Viv) posted at the bridge.
Foxtrot Squad placed the majority of the rest of the fugees holding the second housing slum “wall.”.

The rest of the defenders were led by Navarez and positioned themselves on the far side of the bridge. They were the last line of defense before the mountain, though everyone knew that if the Union reached the other side of the bridge, there was little chance for the garrison’s survival. The non-combatant townsfolk took whatever they could carry and hurried towards the mountain garrison. The defenders would need to hold the town for at least an hour to give the civilians enough time to get out of sight and into the forest. When Alpha radioed that the enemy had been sighted, the squads began their assault.

Alpha and Bravo were the first to engage the enemy. They had planned to attack the gunners on top of the monoliths, but the enemy Chopper engaged them before they could…



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