Underground Designation: BTC (The Black Thorn Crew) Tribal___Thorns__redux_.png

The BTC formed when a small group of captured Underground rebels made a daring escape from a UNION compound. Coming to trust and rely on each other over time, the BTC made their way to Fresco where they would set up their base of operations. With the guidance of Freya, they quickly rose through the ranks of Underground Cells to become the elite. When Freya needed a job done that seemed impossible, she called the BTC.

Need to sabotage a secret UNION experimental law-bot facility surrounded by guards and fortifications? BTC can blow it up.
Need to retrieve a cluster of missiles from a desert gang’s hands? BTC can take them out.
Need to break out of Arizona Bay, the highest security prison in the UNION of Man? BTC can crumble its walls to the ground.

Each victory brought the cell more notoriety and emboldened the vox populi. When word went out that the BTC had struck into the heart of the UNION bastion of New Anthem, assaulted a M.I.R.R.O.R. facility, and rescued a powerful, promising psychonaut from being indoctrinated, the revolution reached its tipping point.

All across the nation, the people are rising up. And the BTC is leading their way.

This revolution will not be televised.

The Revolution has begun.


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