Psychonaut. Revolutionary. Badass.


Codename: Faze instantstar01.jpg
Underground Level: 22
Given Name: Classified
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Primary Designation: Psychonaut
Secondary Designation: AWOL
Known Powers: Telepathy (+ 3), Telekinesis (+ 1), Clairvoyance (+ 2), Mind Control (+ 1)
Weapons Proficiency: Assault Rifle (+ 2), Shotgun (+ 1)
Armor Proficiency: Cyber Armor (+ 1)
Knowledge Specialization: Ufology (+ 3), Cryptozoology (+ 3), Meditation Techniques(+ 2), Undernet (+ 3), Streetwise (+ 1), Chemistry (+ 1)
Skill Specialization: Union Protocol (+ 2), Interrogation (+ 1), Escape Artist (+ 1), Popular Support (+ 3)
Primary Weapon: Assault Rifle
Secondary Weapons: Katana, Shotgun
Weapons: Platinum Katana (+ 3), Shotgun (+ 2^), Assault Rifle (+ 2)
Armor: Medium (+ 2), Tox Mask (+ 1)
Gear: Walkie (+ 1), Union Lt. Insignia, Union 1st Mate Insignia, Teddy Bear, Metallica CD, Brazil DVD
Consumables: Medkit (H6), Ayahuasca (T6), Guzzle (H1)


Faze never had the chance of a childhood. She was taken from her family at an age too young to really remember them. Chosen as one of the first rounds of subjects for the Union of Man’s M.I.R.R.O.R. program , she spent the first part of her life strapped to a chair while the Suits poked, prodded, and injected her and the others with spirits know what trying to bring out any potential psychic powers. For 16 years she spent her time as a lab rat to the Union, growing in psychic strength and forced to use her powers to further their fascist schemes.

At 18, after watching her best friend be killed by the Suits for refusing to cooperate anymore, she knew she had to escape. As her friend lay dying in her arms, she vowed to get out. Get out and make them pay. And get out she did. She’s been on a mission to keep her vow to her friend by bringing down the Union ever since.


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