Codename: BlackJackchow___military_unit___hacker_by_t_tiger-d2xopde.jpg
Underground Level: 16
Given Name: Unknown
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Primary Designation: Hacker
Secondary Designation: Runner
Weapons Proficiency: None
Undernet (3)
Hacking (3)
Social Engineering (2)
Mechanics (2)
Cyber Arm (1)
Cryptography (3)
Prowl (1)
Forgery (1)
Streetwise (2)
Electronics (1)
Radio (2)
Escape Artist (1)
Popular Support (3)
Pilot: Land (2)
Navigation (1)
Pilot: Air (1)
Primary Weapon: Assault Rifle (2)
Secondary Weapon: Shotgun (2*)
Support: Mega Drone – Machine Gun (3), Rocket Launcher (3*)
-Health (6)
-Flight (1)
-Speed (1)
-Armor (1)
-Targeting System (2)
-Crime Scene Sensor Array (2)
Main Vehicle: APC (Linda) – Rocket Launcher (3*)
-Ramming Spikes (2)
-Speed (2)
-Armor (2)
-Mass (2)
-Crime Scene Sensor Array (2)
-Smoke Launcher (1)
-Loud Speaker (1)


Blackjack is motivated by 1 thing and that is the desire to find and improve upon his lovelies. So far, this has included his Original APC (Gracie), his new APC (Linda), and his Mega Drone (Lucy). His biggest lament is that Gracie was lost due to his own recklessness. He searched every where spreading out his contacts, but nothing has come from this and so Blackjack has been forced to give up. Not all is lost as he now has Linda to replace Gracie.

As a hacker, Blackjack is good at what he does. He is currently working on creating a cypher that allows him to immediately download all Union data when his data pad is plugged into a Union computer. He has been running into problems with this, since all Union facilities have a different style firewall to prevent such a thing from occurring. But Blackjack has been touched by the Hacker Gods and has never run across a Union computer he can’t easily break into.

While he spent time in Arizona Bay, Blackjack and his fellow Crew mates were able to escape thanks to Sarah (Union Monolith).

BlackJack is now in his version of heaven at the moment. His Cell was able to acquire 2 new APC’s, 3 monoliths, 1 Riot suit, 2 Hovercopters, and a Delta Wing. His good friend Loki has taken a shine to the Delta Wing which is fine. He realizes that the best thing to be done is to strip some of the vehicles which are impracticable for mission duty, and upgrade/improve the ones that will be brought. Linda is still missing seatbelts, ejection seats, and an Advanced Targetting system before she will truly be complete. Lucy the Mega Drone could also use an Advanced Targeting System to replace her standard targeting system.


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